This article first appeared in Real Estate Guide on Saturday 7th December 2019.

A GROWING phenomenon is sweeping across Australia and it has finally made its way to Cairns.

Over-50s resorts are redefining retirement by providing designer homes and five-star facilities in a resort-style setting with no exit fees, no refurbishment costs, no stamp duty and residents keeping 100 per cent of all capital gains.

The first over-50s lifestyle resort in the region, Botanica, is truly the first of its kind to call Cairns home.
Found in the suburb of Caravonica and nestled at the base of the Macalister Range above a lush expanse of greenery, the resort is set to create a tranquil sanctuary through a fusion of nature and striking architectural design.

Over-50s resorts provide a great alternative to traditional retirement villages by creating a safe but exciting environment for their residents. This is a demographic that is typically still young at heart, healthy and active, with no desire of slowing down with age.

Rather, they seek out a lifestyle that is flexible and engaging, and while often looking to downsize the family home to something that requires a little less maintenance, they have no intention of taking a step backwards in terms of quality and enjoying all of life’s little luxuries.

This is where over-50s resorts come in.

These resorts are secure, gated communities that provide high-quality, architectural homes with access to world-class facilities, including country clubs featuring cinemas, bars and elegant dining rooms, games rooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, saunas, spas and gyms, as well as undercover lawn bowls greens and tennis courts. Fully equipped wood workshops and art and craft rooms also provide dedicated spaces for residents to pursue their more creative interests.

One of the additional drawcards for people looking to move into an over-50s resort is the community that comes with it.

Over-50s resorts are home to a diverse collective of like-minded people who love to socialise and stay active. Community engagement is made ever more accessible through a series of resident and resort-led initiatives like the weekly happy hour, friendly sporting competitions, yoga and dance classes and special events at either the country clubs, which act as a central meeting place for residents, or outside the resort’s grounds.

If you’re curious about the resort lifestyle or would like more information on Botanica, visit or explore Botanica’s new display suite at the Smithfield Shopping Centre, where the friendly sales team is always available to discuss this new era of over-50s living.