Botanica Lifestyle Resort’s wonderful (and very photogenic!) residents Lyn and Chris Crooks recently featured in an edition of Saturday’s The Cairns Post.

In the article, Lyn and Chris spoke about their reasons for moving to Botanica, along with the things they love about living here.

“We had a lot of garden maintenance and we were getting over climbing on roofs to clear gutters of leaves and that sort of thing,” Mrs Crooks said.

“We’d been looking to downsize and we didn’t want the impersonal lifestyle of a unit, and we didn’t want to be in a high rise – we were thinking we might have to move out of Cairns.”

Lyn and Chris were among the first people to move in to Botanica.

“We have people around us that are like-minded, Mrs Crooks said. “We wanted that community feel, to go outside and speak to people we know, which doesn’t seem to happen in the suburbs much any more.

“And the facilities — we’re looking forward to pools, libraries and cinemas, and there’s a bike path through to Smithfield shopping centre.

“This is much cheaper than the Sunshine Coast and we love Cairns. We are looking forward to the next step in life.”

Read the full article on The Cairns Post site here.

Stage 3 of Botanica Lifestyle Resort is selling fast with only 6 sites left, so get in touch today to find out more by calling 1800 114 477 or click here.